HIV testing and important things in it

An HIV test is an examination procedure performed to detect HIV infection in a patient's body. With the detection of HIV, besides being beneficial to themselves, the individual can also be more careful not to spread HIV to other people. There are two methods in the HIV test, namely an HIV test that checks for antibodies produced by the immune system as a reaction to HIV infection, and an HIV test that checks for the presence of the virus in the body. HIV testing has several important functions, among others, to prevent the spread of HIV, detect HIV infection early, and detect blood, blood products, or organs from donors before being given to other patients. With early detection, treatment becomes faster, and the risk of transmission of the virus can be reduced. Indications for HIV testing HIV testing should be carried out by every individual, especially those aged between 13-64 years, as part of routine health checks. However, doctors will recommend HIV testing in some people
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